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Top Grooming Tips for Women

By: Lisa Thiel - Updated: 17 Jul 2010 | comments*Discuss
Confidence Make-up Attractive Repellent

When you're out with your friends, look at the way they're dressed and make a note of what you like about them. You'll probably notice things like their fabulous vintage Sixties shift dress, bold geometric earrings, beautifully streaked urchin crop or elaborate eyeliner teamed with metallic eyeshadow for a cutting-edge look.

If however, you asked a man to comment on your mates' attire, he'd probably point out 'the one in the shapeless dress, her with the big triangles in her ears, that one with short boy's hair and her mate with the scary gold eyes.'

Men see women's appearances in a very different way from other women - while ladies judge how a certain look works on someone, men are more likely to notice certain staples they find attractive or repellent, and ignore the rest. Be aware of the things guys always find it hard to stomach, as well as what'll make you stand out in their eyes.

Top Turn-Off: Too Much Make-Up

This doesn't just mean foundation so thick you could chuck rocks at it. Men aren't keen on very obvious make-up such as bright red lips or bold eyeshadow - they prefer to be able to see what a girl's face looks like without a lot of paint on her skin. What you think looks colourful, futuristic or vampish, they'll see as obscuring your features.

Top Turn-On: Come-Hither Eyes

Quiz any group of men on their favourite (non-sex-related) parts of a woman and the top response is bound to be 'nice eyes'. Make the most of the 'windows on your soul' by adding eyeliner, highlighter and mascara to emphasise and open up the area, and go easy on blusher and lipstick so the immediate focus is on your eyes. That should give them plenty to gaze into longingly…

Top Turn-Off: Outsize Jewellery

While you adore adorning yourself with bold plastic necklaces, dangling chandelier earrings or fake bling, don't think the fellas will love it as much as you do. Men get confused when you wear anything that doesn't appear to be in proportion with your body - they don't get oversized clothing, teased 'big' hair or six-inch platform heels either, because it doesn't fit the contours of your figure. And, of course, your figure's what they really want to be looking at.

Top Turn-On: Strokeable Hair

Gelled crops and tightly structured curls may be cutting-edge hair chic, but running your fingers through them isn't a pleasant experience. Men like long hair for a reason - it feels soft and silky in contact with their hands and skin. To get hair they're aching to touch, make sure your hair's clean, use an intensive moisturising conditioner once a week to maintain body and don't use any product except a squirt of shine spray.

Top Turn-Off: Killer Heels

They might look sexy and make you feel like a man magnet, but the reason men don't like very high heels has nothing to do with the way they look. It's more to do with the fact that after a couple of hours, stilettos start to exert agonising pressure on soles, pinch toes and blister heels - causing much hobbling and moaning about wishing you'd never worn them. Stick to comfier shapes if you know you'll be dancing.

Top Turn-On: Knee-Length Boots

These are a winner on both fronts - women love them because they look stylish with everything from short skirts to jeans, while men adore the suggestive naughtiness of a long boot. Wear with tights, though - bare legs and sticky leather don't go.

Top Turn-Off: Loud Behaviour

There's a world of difference between letting your hair down and dancing on the table after one too many vodkas. Far from showing your playful side, such behaviour's only likely to intimidate men, who prefer the sort of woman that doesn't seem likely to be able to drink them under the table.

Top Turn-On: Confidence

The one thing all of people's favourite style icons have in common is their ability to project an image of being entirely comfortable in their own skin. If you look or behave as if you're trying to attract a man's attention, chances are you won't, because they don't want to be with somebody who spends their time putting on an act. Relax and enjoy the moment - and before you know it, there'll be dozens of men hoping you look their way.

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